Posted by on January 26, 2018

We’ve added a new spawn!

100% Custom made by us 😀

It fixes the things that annoyed us the most about the previous spawn: a mix of completely different building styles, a PvP area that is way too small.. And improved on lots of other points. Here are some things worth mentioning.

  • We removed football. We weren’t able to make it fit the spawn, so we decided to take it down. R.I.P.
  • The mcmmo cave was closed off. It’s partially still there, but the entrance to it is gone. We may decide to bring it back later
  • We’ve done lots of terraforming. You’ll see when you get on
  • The PvP zone is now about 150 x 225 blocks large! It still needs some detailling, but it looks great already 🙂
  • We’ve added communitygoals
  • The dropper has moved to a slightly higher location. There may be 1 additional layer in certain dropper difficulties
  • The staff room has moved inside of the casino, as to which, by the way, has also been added a roulette minigame
  • We’ve added “the cake” minigame
  • We’ve added an armorsmith with anvils free-of-use
  • ..

Come take a look for yourself!

IP: (1.12.2)

Feel free to suggest additions to the spawn! (/suggest ingame – #suggestions on discord)

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