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Alrighty, we’ve made some changes to the discord. This was a while ago, but I still would like to make a post about it to go over all the things we changed.

Our biggest change is that I made it into my personal discord – pretty much. I’ve renamed it to “Bratatat’s Utopia” (Feel free to suggest better names) and added different categories for different games. It now offers sections for Minecraft, CS:GO & just general talking. We’ve been pretty succesfull so far, and are currently holding 983 members ūüėģ

Probably the biggest reason we gained this many members is because we have added our own “global emotes”. These are emotes you can use in any discord guild, regardless of nitro account status, all you have to do to have them is be in our discord.¬†Fair warning; a lot of our users came for globals only and have no intrest into our server whatsoever. I love emotes myself, so I understand them for doing this. My goal however, is to get all these members to become active & LOVE our server, cause, trust me, it will become pretty cool ūüôā

Right now, our only custom bot is Alfred – yes, that’s right! Alfred the servernoob is now a part of our discord! He’s got a lot of features already, which you can see by using the¬†a!help¬†command. I’ve listed a couple here:

  • The #ingame-chat channel:¬†In the ingame-chat channel, you can read the chat ingame, see who joins and leaves, see when someone votes, dies or gets killed.. You also receive server updates every couple minutes telling you who’s online and how long the server has been online for. You can even chat yourself in this chat when you have your minecraft account linked! Therefore, making our ingamechat useable in the discord too!
  • Minecraft Account Syncing:¬†Using the /discord command ingame and the a!authenticate command on discord, you can synchronise your account to the discord. This gives you many benefits, 100 coins, the ability to talk in #ingame-chat, the ability to see your coins & user profile from the discord with¬†a!profile.. It even allows other players to lookup who you are on the server from the discord, and vice versa!
  • Communitygoals, votelinks, ..: The bot can also bring you some info about the server, like the current communitygoal and what you have contributed to it, or a list of the votesites so you can vote for the server even when you aren’t at home!
  • More spinningwheels!¬†By using either of the following commands¬†daily¬†– you will get an additional spinning ticket on the server to increase your chances of getting an ultra rare rank upgrade to a new level.
    • t!rep¬†240476702138957825 | Gives me some reputation points on discord, and gives you a spinning wheel. Can be used daily!
    • t!dailies¬†240476702138957825 | Gives me some credits, and gives you a spinning wheel. Can be used daily! If you use the Tatsu credit system yourself though, feel free to keep your dailies. I’m only collecting them to giveaway at some point in the future.
    • a!dailies | Claim your daily discord spinning wheel from Alfred! You must change your game status to “” first though! (We would appreciate it if you left it at even when you have already claimed your dailies. It shows your friends a good server to play on ;))
  • Staff Applications:¬†Staff applications are now done over discord, just send Alfred a private messaging saying “apply” to start applying for staff!

I will soon be coding another bot, named “Pepe Bot”. This will be the global, optimized & better version of Pepe Bot v1 (Members that came from Pepe Republic will remember this bot to be amazing :D).



That’s it!




I swear I forgot something…





Here’s the link:¬†


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