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You probably already realise as you are reading this post, but we got ourself a new website. We’re simplifying things from the old one and making the site more of a static one with information, and less clicky-stuff. Here are some of our big changes to the site..

Forums We have decided to take down the forums, they weren’t used much and in my eyes, and probably yours too, they looked pretty bad anyway. Even though it is not the same as forums, we still believe our discord server is a good replacement, for now at least. I also did not feel like investing hundreds of dollars into a forum that would not be used a lot, so, no more forums.. May the old ones rest in peace.

Application Forms Staff applications have moved to discord, you now have to send a private conversation to our Minecraft server bot, Alfred#2842, saying ‘apply’ to start the staff application process. We’ve made this change because it is a lot easier for staff to reply to the applications. Youtuber & other partnership application forms will be added to the website again soon!

New Store Looks This change is planned to happen tomorrow, but I’ll announce it already: the store is going to be pretty! 🙂

.. And more As mentioned earlier, we’ve just resetted the website. Fresh start. Nothing is the same compared to the old one.


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